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There is a growing acceptance that many chronic diseases are interrelated.

The following diagram is a proposed relationship between these diseases. It highlights that hypertension is a key indicator for many diseases and can cause multiple comorbidities in a lot of patients.

Our Saiiv sensor system is designed to measure a large range of biometrics which in various combinations can help in the screening and monitoring many of the well know chronic diseases.

We are systematically and strategically validating each biometric in a series of clinical trials.


Validation trials

Stage 1 trials are underway and are focussing on validating: specific parameter in an ICU and home setting, in

COVID-19 recovered patients and in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Respiratory related

  • Respiratory rate

  • Change in Respiration volume

  • Respiratory Effort


Cardiac related

  • Electrodeless HR

  • HR variability

  • Cardiac output


Integumentary related

  • Temperature


Movement/Position related

  • Degree of activity including steps

  • Body position especially when lying

Stage 2 trials will focus on validating

  • Blood pressure

  • Valvular dysfunction

  • Arterial stiffness

  • Blood flow

  • Cardiac and respiratory sounds


Stage 3 will focus on health and economic studies for specific applications – ideally using international clinical trials

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