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Our Technology

What are they?

SAIIV facilitates the measurement, monitoring and management of vital signs all day and night -  every day - with ease, comfort and confidence resulting in a better healthier life. 


From simple sports enhancement to the management of chronic illness, SAIIV saves time, worry and potentially lives.


Using Morphic Sensor technology embedded in very comfortable bands, garments or furnishing SAIIV is designed to function symbiotically with an individuals life, habits, needs and the desires of their medical professionals or specialist.


By working in real-life, real-time situations SAIIV provides more precise, realistic and better information to all who need it.


The SAIIV Face interactive dashboard is the app that will change people’s lives.  Providing very deep, incredibly accurate information that is very easy to read, understand and track as desired.

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The Range

Routine Pregnancy Checkup

Saiiv Health

Not as young and nimble as you use to be?  

Keen to get fitter?

Been feeling a bit off the pace for a while, but can’t work out why?

Pregnant and inquisitive?


How it works 

Saiiv works with you, and your life, to monitor your internal signs or helps you constantly improve your health and fitness.


Saiiv can also measure and monitor the vital signs of your unborn baby – 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

Group Running

Saiiv Sport

From individuals, to teams and clubs, to national sporting academies.   SAIIV is set to change the way you approach training.


How it works

SAIIV works with you, and your life, to constantly monitor, manage and improve your health and fitness .


Why is SAIIV better:

Garments that a more comfortable, more precise and more durable.


Technology that is more dynamic, more informative, more adaptable and easier to use.

Better detail about how an individual’s body function all day, every day in any situation.

Better insights to improve your personal performance, key players, the whole squad.


Saiiv Respond

Be it combating competitors, nations or national disasters safe and improved performance of the team is paramount to success.


How it works 

SAIIV provides you with better, more valuable information on the health and wellbeing of your team.

Real and usable information gathered in real situations, all day, every day.

Data and information that monitors your team in high pressure situations, alerts them to impacts and aid better management for better outcomes – immediately and over the years ahead.

Preparing for Blood Test

Saiiv Medical

Are you a clinicians or medical specialists who believes there should be a better easier way to monitor and manage your patients vital sign, all day, everyday in any situation – but haven’t been able to find it, yet.

How it works 

SAIIV works with you and your patients to provide deeper, richer, real data for home and hospital care – for anything from the common cold to chronic disease.

How it works

A MedTech innovator, SAIIV integrates AI, machine learning, and Morphic Sensor technology into comfortable, highly durable and unobtrusive wearable devices and furnishings.


From simple sports enhancement to the management of chronic illness, SAIIV utilises its smarts to obtain exceptionally deep and precise biometric data, specific to individual users.


By accurately measuring, monitoring and reporting on people’s vital signs in real-life and real-time situations SAIIV saves worry, costs and potentially lives.


By moving advanced medical technologies from biased invasive clinical conditions to everyday situations, SAIIV has the potential to accumulate and analyse vast amounts of data that will change the way the world understands and works with chronic disease.

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