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Our Solutions

Driven by the desire to advance patient care, improve population health and minimise healthcare costs, Saiiv design, develop and market comfortable, simple to use, highly durable and unobtrusive wearable devices and furnishings under the same name.

Saiiv is currently developing products, divided in four distinct categories:


  • Saiiv Health - for everyday consumers wanting better health and life for themselves or family (regardless of age);

  • Saiiv Sport - for the sports enthusiast, professional, club or association wanting relevant, real-time information they previously only dreamed of having;

  • Saiiv Respond – for all organisations where the safe and healthy function of their teams is paramount – especially in high pressure situations such as emergency and military forces; and

  • Saiiv Medical – clinicians and medical practitioners who want better, precise and realistic insights into their patients health and lives.



For our medical applications we aim to improve user outcomes and experience of care, population health and reduce health care costs by:

  • Identifying and intervening in disease progression early in the patient journey

  • Reinforcing improvements in cardiorespiratory function from rehabilitation/exercise

  • Optimising pharma type and dosage as well as compliance

  • Optimising medical device titrations as well as compliance eg oral appliances for sleep apnea

  • Adding value to Telehealth consultations using remote monitoring

  • Make people healthier and consequently reduce healthcare claims costs or improve employee productivity

  • Shortening or reducing hospital admissions and readmissions

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